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Saturday, August 15, 2009

District 9: This is What I'm Talking About!

I metro rail'd all the way out to hollywood to go see District 9 on opening night with some friends (shout out here; hay guise!)

It was bloody great!

The movie was what I 'd secretly hoped for when I saw the trailer, a real introspection that was as much about the humans involved as about the aliens. It took a realistic, unceremonious look at what COULD be if the events preceeding the movie were a fact of life for real people. It took itself seriously without making a big deal of it.

I'm honestly really pleased with the implied and delivered depth of the plot. Though it builds off of some seminal science fiction classics, it remains original in its execution, characters and setting (South Africa? Really?)

Overall, I'd say it's a much watch for any hard or soft Sci-Fi Junkie. But, be advised, the R-rating is well awarded.
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