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Friday, July 11, 2008

background: Welcome to the network!

Here's my first page of background material aswell as page 2 of the new reader's guide.

EXCERPT: BUSEI General Datacloud.
TRANSLATION: Local revision by "Open-Bracket-Close-Bracket Semantics Ltd." subroutines.
TRANSLATION HIST. : Relay bot @ E. Eridani. Approved by BUSEI committee

Welcome to the wide world of Faster-Than-Light politics, citizen!

If you are reading this, than you have A) been recovered intact from a derelicted device and released to do as you will, B) been repatriated from a closed city-state after a successful liberation mission by BUSEI backed firms or C) your society has successfully made first contact [that would be you, earthlings.]

As a newly integrated citizen of a BUSEI enfranchised network, you have many of societies' greatest advances available to you! BUSEI stands for Binary Universal Symbol Exchange Initiative, a multi-civillization movement to abolish legacy languages in favor of a universal serial alternative!

By this point, your language has been cracked by BUSEI server swarms. Translation takes on average [number translates to about two days of solid activity. You don't want to fight this kind of thinking power.] This means you have ready access to the myriad occupations readily available to all citizens of the FTL network!

Nations established in the FTL economy readily outsource these jobs to willing groups in need of technological advancement, commerce or even security. Such exciting jobs await you as Research Cloud Computing Management, Weapons Database Collation, Applied Technological Design and many more! Remember, when you contribute, you contribute not only to your success, but the success of your entire nation! Your [authority figure, dead relative, president or some such] would want you to do it!

The opportunities awaiting both you and your chosen allegiance are spectacular indeed!

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