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Monday, June 1, 2009

Fraxy and Other Things

Hey everybody, leaving for home for about a month, so there will be an outage (due to necessitry instead of laziness, like usual.) So I figured I'd do some farewell stuff for now. Like this post. It is doodley.

I think Shangri-La will need a few of these.

I'm also messing about with Fraxy. What is Fraxy? Perhaps one of the most coderly top down shoot-em-ups I've ever played. The whole thing is slathered in high-level sub-languages for making levels and even has an editor for building enemies and bosses part by part!

Anyway, I've spent far too much time doing unconstructive things while curled up with this app.

But, now, you can reap them too! Even though most of it is very... beta is the nicest way to put it. Go ahead and futz around, I don't give a damn.

There's a player graphics set with installation and use instructions here.
The set matches with a scenario I'm 'coding' found here.

I'm going to go ahead and spare everyone the Japanese-formatted webpages on which the myriad different versions of Fraxy are located and categorized by confusing datestamp and get you guys a direct link here. Enjoy!

If I find time before I go, I'll also post chapter 7, completely disregarding the mad inconsistency of chapter 6 (or am I just being critical?)

EDIT: No, you have chapter 7, no new chapter for you!
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