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Friday, July 11, 2008

New Readers:, page 1

To all those coming later in the game. This is for you:

Welcome to Sunrise, a serialized science fiction weblog for t3h intertubes!

Barring advanced notices, chapters are released on a weekly basis. I've written each chapter to stand a bit on its own, so if you just want to jump in, have a go! I update listings of any writing I submit here on the right sidebar, nice and prim for your browsing pleasure.

Sunrise is provided free for you to read on this site. Feel free to tell your friends about it (all part of my Evil Master Plan [tm].) Also, if you like what you've read later on, you can subscribe to this blog on the right sidebar. Not sure what xml reader you have? try the orange smartfeed icon at the top!

What's the background of Sunrise?

On January 26th, 2043, there was a massive explosion within the acceleration tunnel of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN. Subsequent research uncovered the cause, a conflagrations of particles operating outside known physics had erupted from the complex during a collision event that had been intended as a simple particle physics experiment.

Sensing equipment was designed to seek out these particles in the night sky and, soon, our cascade of FTL particles received a reply. We had made first contact.

Centuries later, Earth is now known by the more memorable and newly christened name of its sun - "Farsol" - and is part of a massive Faster Than Light economy. Farsol was stranded in a deadzone of a region known as The Bridge that had incredibly poor responsiveness to FTL technology due to it's spatial properties.

However,the CERN explosion changed all that, sending new links cascading away from Farsol and forging strong ties with nearby branches of the FTL network. Since then, Farsol has made a great deal of monetary gain as a relay for FTL communications and produced an illustrious security force in the process.

This leaves us in the shoes of Mackai Solen, a top officer of Farsol's premiere private security firm, the Stellar Fallers. Rather than facing problems suitable to his rank, problems of weaponization, dealing with another outbreak of hostile AI zombies or fostering improved relations with Farsol's allies... he has some decidedly human problems on his hands.

Where to from here?

Easy. Either jump into the current chapter, start from chapter one or continue to page two of the new readers section where you'll find some more background.

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