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Thursday, December 4, 2008

When you're in a little room

If you don't know the rest of that song then, well, hurrumph, I have nothing to say to you. Or do I (suspense!?) Anyway, as I say this, I look over a sea of white and tan pulped paper cardstock receptacles containing the SUV load of widgets n' gidgets that make up my possessions.
I'll be moving the absolutely gargantuan distance of one mile with my landlady, who sprung a ninja-move on me a couple of weeks ago. But amidst the chaotic vortex of boxes, refrigerators, trash and bagged food, there is good news!

I'm actually going to have free time from December 21st on to the 6th (unless my cat, Squeak, has her way with it, needy little thing.) I'll be using this time to prepare the next few chapters. You'll also, hopefully, see a new releasing scheme emerge (one that doesn't put weekly pressure on me but still giuves massive storygasms to my readers.) I've already finished the next chapter, but am witholding it for the above reason.

Sincerely U-haulin
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1 comment:

nosenseyet said...

no reason to stay in one place for more than 6 months dude..... LOL