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Friday, August 15, 2008

Work, Work, SNAKE!

Like, hi, everyone!

Sorry for the lack of updates, but, I've like, been totally swamped!

Okay, my brain hurts from talking like that. Anyway, here's the lowdown on why there's been no updates; my chapters are unrefined nuggets of snot.

Too harsh? I hope so otherwise I grossly overestimate myself. A few things have eaten my ability to write. Most notably, I now have a regular internship (slavery, at least until Fearless Leader decides to put me on payroll.) Other than that, it has been SO, BLOODY, HOT!!!

After noon, if I'm at home with only the broken AC as company, I'm left to wallow in a cloud of my own mamallian heat-exhaust suffering to do much else than eat and, if I'm lucky, read. As it is it's about dark o'clock outside and I'm still roasting.

Other than that, I'm seriously considering a new approach to my writing. I'm my only editor at the moment and that HAS to change. I'll be reaching out for beta readers when I have the time (maybe this weekend, as I've nothing better to do until the next one comes around.)

But chapter seven is coming along and people should have fun with it, as it has a cantina scene (and if I see any more mutated, generic aliens playing annoying diddies on flutes, I will VAPORIZE them, so there, Star Wars!)

Expect some rewrites and other such things as I'm not happy with what I've got atm. And this story is the measure of its weakest moment so I better do this right. In the words of Mr. Locke: "I'M SUPPOSED TO DO THIS DAMMIT!"
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