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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Article: Augmented/Enhanced Reality

This is my first in a line of short holdover blurbs I'll do between chapter releases. Some of you (all three of you at this point) may wonder where I've gotten some of my ideas for Sunrise's technology. In a lot of key cases, the answer is "from right now."

Augmented Reality Technology and User Interfacing

What is augmented reality?

Augmented reality is a method of merging input from both the real world and a computer interface. Beyond Tomorrow's video (linked above) is a nicely palettable demonstration of some of the intended capabilities of augmented reality systems in civilian sectors.

Augmented reality as a technology is intended to enhance operations in the real world or closely intermesh the real world and virtual operations. Benefits from augmented reality could be seen in almost all sectors of development. Hence why "enhanced reality," is so ubiquitous in Sunrise.

Applications for augmented reality include expert manufacturing assistance in realtime, military combat network integration, enhanced flight controls on craft of various kinds and, eventually, advanced interfaces that may do a large chunk of these things.

Augmented reality in Urban Warfighting

Augmented reality not only has massive implications for civillian sectors, but is looking to revolutionize our concepts of urban warfare. The above article is a public PDF file about the BARS project as outlined at an I/ITSEC conference from a number of years ago.

In a nutshell, enhanced reality systems allow members of a squad extremely powerful and seamless networking capabilities, as well as displays of realtime intelligence. This would be things like 3d overlays of a building's floor plan as it is uncovered by a breach squad, overhead surveys, acoustic data on recent weapon discharges et cetera.

Augmented reality in Sunrise is the glue that holds a squadron and their network together, whether they're actual members or automated devices/drones.

The next two chapters are going to feature some of this glitz. So, hopefully this article's an informitive first step into yet another facet of Sunrise's ubiquitous technology. Until a few days from now....
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